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Short-Sellers Sue Tesla After Musk’s ‘Going Private’ Tweets

An anonymous reader quotes the BBC:
Elon Musk’s bombshell announcement that he is thinking of taking the electric car company Tesla private has landed him a lawsuit from unhappy investors…. His comments caused the share price to shoot up 11% to nearly $380, though it has since fallen back. Short-sellers, who bet on share price falls, allege he misled the market….
Short-sellers, who make a profit by borrowing shares, selling them and then buying them back at an expected lower price, claim to have lost millions thanks to Mr Musk’s comments. Plaintiff Kalman Isaacs alleges the announcement was aimed at “completely decimating” short-sellers. His lawsuit, and another filed by William Chamberlain, accuse Mr Musk and Tesla of violating federal securities laws and artificially inflating Tesla’s share price. Neither Mr Musk nor Tesla have commented on the lawsuit, which was filed in a federal court in San Francisco.
Tesla “is holding early discussions with banks about the feasibility and structure of a possible deal,” Bloomberg reported yesterday — and Ars Technica points out that if Mr. Isaacs had simply kept his short positions open through Friday, “he would be at least $60,000 richer.”
But Isaacs’ hopes to be the lead plaintiff for a class-action lawsuit “representing all Tesla shareholders who traded after Musk’s tweet on Tuesday or at any time on Wednesday.”

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