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Should We Seed Life On Alien Worlds?

Slashdot reader sciencehabit quotes an article from Science magazine: Astronomers have detected more than 3000 planets beyond our solar system, and just a couple of weeks ago they discovered an Earth-like planet in the solar system next door. Most — if not all — of these worlds are unlikely to harbor life, but what if we put it there? Science chatted with theoretical physicist Claudius Gros about his proposed Genesis Project, which would send artificially intelligent probes to lifeless worlds to seed them with microbes. Over millions of years, they might evolve into multicellular organisms, and, perhaps eventually, plants and animals. In the interview, Gros talks artificial intelligence, searching for habitable planets, and what kind of organisms he’d like to see evolve.
“The robots will have to decide if a certain planet should receive microbes and the chance to evolve life,” the physicist explains — adding that it’s very important to avoid introducing new microbes on planets where life already exists.

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