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Slackel 6.0.5 Openbox Screenshot Tour

The Slackel Live Installer (SLI) now supports installation on different file systems (btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, jfs, reiserfs, xfs). Note that you cannot use the xfs file system and grub because after installation the system will not boot. So for xfs choose (e)Lilo instead. Both /root and /home partitions (if you create a separate partition for /home and choose to format it) will be formatted on the same file system type. A trick can be used, to format /home with GParted on a different file system and choose to not format it. So you can have /root and /home with different file systems type. Installation on EFI GPT partitions is also supported for 64-bit iso. In this case you have to create a GPT partition table with GParted and the first partition, the EFI partition, has to be at least 300MB FAT32.

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