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Snapchat Faces An Outcry Against ‘Whitewashing’ Filters

Last month Snapchat was thrown under the bus for a feature that many found downright racist. The photo-sharing app had added a face-altering filter that made users look like Bob Marley. Less than a month to it, Snapchat is getting blasted over another controversial feature. Several users are reporting about a “whitewash” filter that aims to “beautify” their looks. Mashable reports: Users of the app have noticed that many of the face-altering filters “whitewash.” Upset Snapchatters point to the flower crown filter and the beautifying filter, both of which seem to lighten skin and eyes and contour the face to make one’s chin and nose appear smaller. Since the debut, and subsequent popularity, of the Coachella-inspired filter, Snapchat users have taken to forums to voice their disproval with the app.

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