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Stadia Launch Developer Says Game Makers Are Worried ‘Google Is Just Going To Cancel It’

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Google has a long and well-documented history of launching new services only to shut them down a few months or years later. And with the launch of Stadia imminent, one launch game developer has acknowledged the prevalence of concerns about that history among her fellow developers while also downplaying their seriousness in light of Stadia’s potential. “The biggest complaint most developers have with Stadia is the fear that Google is just going to cancel it,” Gwen Frey, developer of Stadia launch puzzle game Kine, told GamesIndustry.biz in recently published comments. “Nobody ever says, ‘Oh, it’s not going to work,’ or ‘Streaming isn’t the future.’ Everyone accepts that streaming is pretty much inevitable. The biggest concern with Stadia is that it might not exist.”

While concerns about Stadia working correctly aren’t quite as nonexistent as Frey said, early tests show the service works well enough in ideal circumstances. As for the service’s continued existence, Frey thinks such concerns among other developers are “kind of silly.” “Working in tech, you have to be willing to make bold moves and try things that could fail,” Frey continued. “And yeah, Google’s canceled a lot of projects. But I also have a Pixel in my pocket, I’m using Google Maps to get around. I only got here because my Google Calendar told me to get here by giving me a prompt in Gmail. It’s not like Google cancels every fucking thing they make.” “Nothing in life is certain, but we’re committed to making Stadia a success,” said Stadia Director of Product Andrew Doronichev in July. “Of course, it’s OK to doubt my words. There’s nothing I can say now to make you believe if you don’t. But what we can do is to launch the service and continue investing in it for years to come.”

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