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‘SteamOS gaming performs significantly worse than Windows’

All that said, right now, it seems that choosing SteamOS over a Windows box means sacrificing a significant amount of performance on many (if not most) graphically intensive 3D games. That’s a pretty big cost to bear, considering that Alienware sells its Windows-powered, console-style Alpha boxes at prices that are only $50 more expensive than identically outfitted SteamOS machines. That’s not to mention the fact that Steam on Windows currently has thousands of games that aren’t on SteamOS – including most AAA recent releases -while SteamOS has no similar exclusives to recommend it over Windows.

Hopefully, Valve and other Linux developers can continue improving SteamOS performance to the point where high-end games can be expected to at least run comparably between Linux and Windows. Until then, though, it’s hard to recommend a SteamOS box to anyone who wants to get the best graphical performance out of their PC hardware.

This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Windows and DirectX clearly reign supreme, with graphics card vendors focusing most – if not all – of their driver development on that platform.

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