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Switching to the Mutt email client

It was almost four years ago I switched from webmail to a customized
email configuration based on Notmuch and Emacs. Notmuch served as both as a native back-end that provided indexing and tagging, as well as a front-end, written in Emacs Lisp. It dramatically improved my email experience, and I wished I had done it earlier. I’ve really enjoyed having so much direct control over my email.

However, I’m always fiddling with things – fiddling feels a lot more productive than it actually is – and last month I re-invented my email situation, this time switching to a combination of Mutt, Vim, mu, and tmux. The entirety of my email interface now resides inside a terminal, and Iâ??m enjoying it even more. I feel I’ve “leveled up” again in my email habits.

I’m fairly sure a number of OSNews readers use similar setups.

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