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Switzerland Remains ‘Extremely Attractive’ For Pirate Sites, MPAA Says

While the European Union has worked hard to strengthen its copyright laws in recent years, one country in the heart of the continent chooses its own path. Switzerland is not part of the EU, which means that its policies deviate quite a bit from its neighbors. According to Hollywood, that’s not helping creators. From a report: Responding to recent submission to the United States Trade Representative (USTR), the MPAA has identified several foreign “trade barriers” around the world. In Hollywood’s case, many of these are related to piracy. One of the countries that’s highlighted, in rather harsh terms, is Switzerland. According to the MPAA, the country’s copyright law is “wholly inadequate” which, among other things, makes it “extremely attractive” to host illegal sites. “Switzerland’s copyright law is wholly inadequate, lacking crucial mechanisms needed for enforcement in the digital era,” MPAA writes. […] The European country has plans to update its laws, but the proposed changes are not significant improvements, Hollywood’s trade group notes.

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