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How to Bind Multiple IP Addresses to a Single Network Interface Card (NIC)

How to Bind Multiple IP Addresses to a Single Network Interface Card (NIC) This tutorial demonstrates how to bind multiple IP addresses to a single NIC I’ll be using LAN IP’s in this example, so replace them with the ones you’ll be using. The network scripts are located in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/. Go into that directory. cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/     The file ... Read More »

how to Clear Memory Cache on Linux Server

By default the Linux OS has a very efficient memory management process that should be freeing any cached memory on the machine that it is being run on. However when it comes to Cached memory the Linux OS may at times decide that the Cached memory is being used and is needed which can lead to memory related issues and ... Read More »

How to make a File “immutable” or “unalterable”

If you want that no one can delete or modify any File in Linux, mean it cannot be changed or deleted even by root. Note this works on (ext2/ext3) filesystems. And, yes, root can delete after it’s changed back. As root: [amit@localhost] # chattr +i filename And to change it back: [amit@localhost] # chattr -i filename List attributes [amit@localhost] # ... Read More »

Bash Script – Burning contents to CDR disk

Bash Script Using ls to create a table of contents for burning a CDR disk #!/bin/bash # ex40.sh (burn-cd.sh) # Script to automate burning a CDR. SPEED=10 # May use higher speed if your hardware supports it. IMAGEFILE=cdimage.iso CONTENTSFILE=contents # DEVICE=/dev/cdrom For older versions of cdrecord DEVICE=”1,0,0″ DEFAULTDIR=/opt # This is the directory containing the data to be burned. # ... Read More »