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Tesla Owner In China Blames Autopilot For Crash

An anonymous reader quotes a report from USA Today: The owner of a Tesla Motors Model S sedan in China reportedly said his vehicle crashed into a car on the side of the road while the vehicle’s Autopilot system was engaged, but the automaker said the driver was using the system improperly. Luo Zhen, 33, of Beijing told Reuters that his vehicle collided with a parked car on the left side of a highway, damaging both vehicles but injuring no one. He criticized Tesla sales people for allegedly describing the vehicle as “self-driving.” “The impression they give everyone is that this is self-driving, this isn’t assisted driving,” he told Reuters. In the new case in China, Tesla said the Model S was “following closely behind the car in front of it when the lead car moved to the right to avoid hitting the parked car.” “The driver of the Tesla, whose hands were not detected on the steering wheel, did not steer to avoid the parked car and instead scraped against its side,” Tesla said Wednesday in a statement. “As clearly communicated to the driver in the vehicle, Autosteer is an assist feature that requires the driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel at all times, to always maintain control and responsibility for the vehicle, and to be prepared to take over at any time.”

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