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Texas ISP Slams Music Industry For Trying To Turn It Into a ‘Copyright Cop’

An ISP based in Texas has complained to a judge that the music industry is trying to turn internet providers into the “copyright police.” From a report: “This case is an attempt by the US recording industry to make Internet service providers its de facto copyright enforcement agents,” reads the latest filing in an ongoing court case involving ISP Grande Communications. It goes on: “Having given up on actually pursuing direct infringers due to bad publicity, and having decided not to target the software and websites that make online file-sharing possible, the recording industry has shifted its focus to fashioning new forms of copyright liability that would require ISPs to act as the copyright police.” Grande Communications is a high-speed ISP that is the main provider for several university campuses in Texas. It was sued in April 2017 by 18 music companies including Universal, Capitol, Warner and Sony, who accuse it of allowing its users to “engage in more than one million infringements of copyrighted works over BitTorrent systems.”

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