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Tor Developer Jacob Appelbaum Allegedly Intimidated Victims Into Silence and Anonymity

blottsie quotes a report from The Daily Dot: In the wake of programmer Jacob Appelbaum’s abrupt departure from the Tor Project, rumors and accusations about both sexual misconduct and bullying have surfaced that extend back years. Now, four witnesses — including a current senior Tor employee — are stepping forward into the public eye, adding valuable insight into how Appelbaum allegedly intimidated those around him to keep accusations of sexual misconduct secret and pressure those who are speaking out to remain anonymous. [Late last week, a website was launched in which alleged victims of Appelbaum’s sexual misconduct joined together to post their stories in an effort to publicize them without a much-feared wave of personalized and professional backlash. The stories are graphic and describe the ways Appelbaum allegedly assaulted people in public and in private. Three current Tor employees — two of which agreed to be named on the record — have confirmed that they personally know the authors of the alleged victim statements on the site, JacobAppelbaum.net. Although they continue to maintain anonymity for the authors of the stories, these Tor employees are now publicly vouching for the site’s authenticity, which Appelbaum has called into question. Appelbaum broke his silence on Monday, deriding the accounts of his former colleagues as “vague rumors.” It was an “attack,” he said, on his reputation, led by character-assassins spreading “vicious and spurious” allegations against him.] In May, one of Tor’s core software developers dodged the FBI and left the U.S. for Germany to avoid testifying in a criminal hacking investigation.

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