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Two-Thirds of Android Antivirus Apps Are Total BS

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Tom’s Guide: Austrian antivirus-testing lab AV-Comparatives tested 250 antivirus apps in Google Play against 2,000 malware samples. They found that only 80 of the apps could stop even a minimal amount of malware. “Less than one in 10 of the apps tested defended against all 2,000 malicious apps, while over two-thirds failed to reach a block rate of even 30 percent,” the lab said in a press release. To make sure you’re protecting your Android device properly, stick to apps from well-known antivirus companies. Basically, AV-Comparatives said, most Android antivirus apps are phony, and many of them seemed to have been created only to display ads or promote a developer’s career. “The main purpose of these apps seems to be generating easy revenue for their developers, rather than actually protecting their users,” the AV-Comparatives report said.

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