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Uber Drops Arbitration Requirement For Sexual Assault Victims

Previously, Uber required complaints to be resolved in mandatory arbitration — out of court and behind closed doors. Today, the company announced it is “changing its policies to allow customers, employees and drivers who are sexually harassed or assaulted to take their complaints to court and to speak publicly about their experiences,” reports NPR. From the report: Last month, Katherine and Lauren were among 14 female victims who sent an open letter to Uber’s board, pointing to the company’s own sexual harassment problems and the #MeToo movement. “Silencing our stories deprives customers and potential investors from the knowledge that our horrific experiences are part of a widespread problem at Uber,” they wrote. The women’s demand — and Uber’s response — highlight the significance of mandatory arbitration agreements, which are increasingly common. The provisions are usually in the fine print — and most people who sign the agreements don’t know they have signed away their right to sue.

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