Ubuntu 13.04 out now, Ubuntu 13.10 named

By | April 25, 2013

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And with that, Ubuntu 13.04 is here. The Raring Ringtail has not been talked about anywhere near as much as the previous few Ubuntu’s in the community, and the distro itself is not really adding a huge amount. We listed said changes in yesterday’s article about what to expect, so check that out for info.

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Nothing controversial this time around

As is now tradition though, Mark Shuttleworth has revealed the name of the next version of Ubuntu, and 13.10 will be named Saucy Salamander. We double checked our calendars, and it is most definitely not 1st April, so we suppose that it’s a good thing S didn’t fall on the LTS release next year.

You can upgrade Ubuntu if you so wish to the newer version, although the older your version of Ubuntu is the more difficult this can be. Otherwise, you can get the image from the website.

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