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Wells Fargo’s Scandals Finally Hurt Its Bottom Line

An anonymous reader quotes CNN:
Wells Fargo said operating losses surged 77% last quarter because of various problems in its auto lending, wealth management, mortgage and currency businesses. Overall expenses rose by 3%. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo said profit declined by 12% during the second quarter, missing Wall Street’s expectations. The bank’s stock, which has lagged behind the rest of the market, dropped 3% on Friday… Wells Fargo was also hurt by a $481 million income tax bill linked to a recent Supreme Court ruling that allows states to force online retailers to collect sales taxes…
Even though the economy is strong, several crucial metrics at Wells Fargo are shrinking. For instance, average deposits dropped by 2% to $1.3 trillion, led by a drop-off in business from financial institutions. Wells Fargo blamed the decline on actions it had to take due to penalties imposed by the Federal Reserve that prohibit the bank from growing its balance sheet. Lending, the primary way that banks make money, also dipped by 1% from the first quarter at Wells Fargo. It cited declines for commercial real estate and consumer loans, including auto lending. Mortgage banking profits also declined sharply.
If average deposits dropped by 2% to $1.3 trillion — that looks like a drop of over $26 billion.
CNN reports that an analyst at CFRA Research has downgraded his rating on Wells Fargo — to “sell.”

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