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Why paper jams persist

ate in â??Oslo,â? J. T. Rogersâ??s recent play about the negotiation of the Oslo Accords, diplomats are finalizing the document when one of them reports a snag: â??Itâ??s stuck in the copy machine and I canâ??t get it out!â? The employees in Mike Judgeâ??s 1999 film â??Office Spaceâ? grow so frustrated with their jam-prone printer that they destroy it with a baseball bat in a slow-motion montage set to the Geto Boysâ?? â??Still.â? (Office workers around the country routinely reënact this scene, posting the results on YouTube.) According to the Wall Street Journal, printers are among the most in-demand objects in â??rage rooms,â? where people pay to smash things with sledgehammers; Battle Sports, a rage-room facility in Toronto, goes through fifteen a week. Meanwhile, in the song â??Paper Jamâ? John Flansburgh, of the band They Might Be Giants, sees the jam as a stark moral test. â??Paper jam / paper jam,â? he sings. â??It would be so easy to walk away.â?

Unsurprisingly, the engineers who specialize in paper jams see them differently. Engineers tend to work in narrow subspecialties, but solving a jam requires knowledge of physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, computer programming, and interface design. â??Itâ??s the ultimate challenge,â? Ruiz said.

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