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Win32 apps to run in virtual machines on Windows 10

When Windows 10 arrives later this year, the company will be introducing its ‘One Store’ model that will help make the distribution of apps easier for developers. At Build 2015 today, Microsoft talked about new features that will also arrive with this new store model.

The company is making it possible to bring Win32 apps into the Store using a new SDK. This feature had been rumored for a long time but it’s now finally being released. By doing this, developers can bring classic apps to the Store which increases visibility for their product but also makes consumers’ lives easier as the install/update/removal process is streamlined like any other modern app.

This Neowin post doesn’t even mention the biggest news: all these old Win32 and .Net applications? They are fully sandboxed and run inside virtual machines using App-V. Long-time readers might remember that I’ve been hoping for this to happen for god knows how long – from way back during the Longhorn and windows 7 days.

Once we have more information, I’ll post it right away.

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