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WSJ: ‘Quit Chrome. Safari and Edge Are Just Better Browsers’

The Wall Street Journal’s senior personal tech columnist just published an article urging readers to “quit Chrome. Safari and Edge are just better browsers.” It begins with the reporter pretending to break up with Chrome, adding “I’d say I’ll remember the good times — your speed, your superb handling of Gmail — but your RAM hoovering, battery draining and privacy disregarding make it easy to not look back.

“This is the year, people. It’s the year I challenge you to pack up your bookmarks and wave bye-bye to Google’s browser…”
And the article is even accompanied by a video titled “Four ways to stop Chrome from slowing down your computer,” where tip #1 is just: “Stop using Chrome…”
“Sure, Chrome has far more browser market share [than Firefox, Safari, and Edge]. But all of them have actually gotten quite good over the last number of years. Heck, the new Microsoft Edge browser even uses Chromium, the same underlying technology as Chrome, and the performance is much improved, across Windows PCs, and Macs. Yes, Microsoft’s browser is available for Mac, and it’s good.

“In my weeks of testing, Edge used 5% less resources than Chrome on Windows. Safari used up to 10% less in some of my tests on my Mac. That meant up to 2 extra hours of battery life in their respective operating systems. Firefox, unfortunately, took up just as much power as Chrome. Google says it’s working on some resource-saving improvements that will come in the next few months.

If you can switch to just one of those, go for it, even if just for their better privacy tools.”
The video opens with a cartoon depiction of “Chrome-y,” who lives inside your computer and eats your RAM and other resouces. “But don’t worry. You can put him on a diet and take back your computer with some of these tips.” The other tips including uninstalling extensions, and using Chrome’s Task Manager to “spot and kill the RAM gobblers.”

But throughout the video, “Chrome-y” continues chomping on your RAM…

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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