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XBMC 12.1 released with essential updates

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XBMC 12 is fantastic media centre software, and a great step up from the previous release of XBMC. Taking its crown firmly back from the deposed Boxee, we have taken a strong liking to the updated version, however it wasn’t without its faults. Sound issues, subtitle syncing and crashes have been reported, and while not common, it’s prevalent enough for the XBMC dev team to take notice. Now, only two months later, XBMC 12.1 is here to fix a lot of these problems.

Android Raspberry Pi HTPC
XBMC 12.1 has fixes across all supported platforms

Some of the major changes include Linux audio problems and Raspberry Pi optimisations. The full list from the announcement is as follows:

XBMC no longer hogs audio for Linux and on resume audio will continue to work in Linux

Volume buttons on Android devices now control Android volume, rather than XBMC volume

Player optimization on the Raspberry Pi, including more efficient playback, better subtitle support, and many crash fixes

Added support for additional Xbox 360 controller types

Broader and more intelligent support for CEC devices

Fixed problems with several addons due to broken binary read/write in our python interface

Language fixes, including 7 new languages: Albanian, Burmese, Malay, Persian (Iran), Tamil (India), Uzbek, Vietnamese

Numerous crashing and stability fixes across all platforms

You can update the software now if you’re running off of official repos, and dedicated distros will be updated shortly.

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