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YouTube Warns of ‘Consequences’ For Creators Who Misbehave

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has announced that creators whose actions impact negatively on its community will face “consequences.” From a report: Wojcicki said the video-sharing platform is developing new policies that “would lead to consequences” if a content creator “does something egregious” that reflects unfavorably on other YouTube creators. YouTube’s CEO made the comments in a blog post that detailed a list of the Google-owned firm’s priorities for creators in 2018. In January, one of the service’s most popular content creators, Logan Paul, published a video that showed the dead body of a man hanging from a tree. Wojcicki did not refer to the Logan Paul incident directly, but said that the misbehavior of some creators could put the broader YouTube community in a negative light. “While these instances are rare, they can damage the reputation and revenue of your fellow creators, so we want to make sure we have policies in place that allow us to respond appropriately,” she said.

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