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30 Linux Kernel Developers in 30 Weeks: Jonathan Corbet

Our 30-week series profiling 30 Linux kernel developers continues today with a profile of Jonathan Corbet. It’s hard to believe anyone in the Linux community wouldn’t know Jon. He is a contributor to the kernel, a frequent speaker at Linux events and the editor of the most widely-read publication on Linux kernel developments, LWN.net. Jon is also co-author of The Linux Foundation’s annual report “Who Writes Linux” and has publishes a number of useful documents, including the Linux Weather Forecast and “How to Participate in the Linux Community.”

Whether or not you know Jon a little or a lot, we hope you learn something new about him in this profile, from how he ended up in Boulder, Colorado to the ski run named after his father, to what he’s running on his desktop and how he suggests Linux newbies get involved in the community.

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