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Ask Slashdot: Is There a ‘Gig Economy’ Site For Tech Skills?

“Where I can meet up with people who just need solutions implemented?” asks Slashdot reader datavirtue:
Somewhere people can go when they have a solution designed in-house with documented requirements and are in need of a competent engineer(s) to assist with implementation. Where timelines and price estimates and rates are well defined and enforced. If they like me, and agree to the terms, we can proceed with the project — expecting solid deliveries at each milestone….
I have been on some gig projects where the relationship was well structured by a third party and it was a lot of fun. I know a lot of engineers who would use a system like this if it streamlines entering the freelance tech market for them. People who would rarely take gigs otherwise. I have looked around but the services feel dead. I have been approached by startups in the past wanting to sign me up their service…but they didn’t really go anywhere.
The original submission complains that many projects end up going to consulting firms that just scrounge up candidates from job boards. But what’s the alternative? “Am I missing some great online community or website that has already solved this?”

Leave your own thoughts in the comments. Is there a ‘gig economy’ site for tech skills?

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