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Why universities choose open source collaboration software

Higher education institutions are actively looking for ways to adapt to rapidly improving technology and enable students to use advances in computing to study, collaborate, and learn in new ways. Many institutions have been using open source software to exchange knowledge more easily, ensure a better learning experience, and handle administration with fewer worries. Read More »

Living Near Fracking Sites Raises Risk of Premature Death For Elderly, Study Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Elderly people living near or downwind from unconventional oil and gas wells such as fracking sites are more likely to die prematurely, according to a major new US study. Extracting oil and gas through newer or unconventional methods like fracking has expanded rapidly across America over the past two decades with ... Read More »

Android Malware BRATA Wipes Your Device After Stealing Data

The Android malware known as BRATA has added new and dangerous features to its latest version, including GPS tracking, the capacity to use multiple communication channels, and a function that performs a factory reset on the device to wipe all traces of malicious activity. BleepingComputer reports: BRATA was first spotted by Kaspersky back in 2019 as an Android RAT (remote ... Read More »