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Malware Found Preinstalled In Classic Push-button Phones Sold In Russia

“A security researcher has discovered malicious code inside the firmware of four low-budget push-button mobile phones sold through Russian online stores,” reports the Record: In a report published this week by a Russian security researcher named ValdikSS, push-button phones such as DEXP SD2810, Itel it2160, Irbis SF63, and F+ Flip 3 were caught subscribing users to premium SMS services and ... Read More »

High Ivermectin Overdosages Caused 1,143 Calls to America’s Poison Control Centers This Year

America’s poison control centers are getting more calls this year from people who tried self-medicating with ivermectin, NPR reports — with at least 592 calls coming since July 1: According to the National Poison Data System, which collects information from the nation’s 55 poison control centers, there was a 245% jump in reported exposure cases from July to August — ... Read More »

OpenWrt 21.02 Comes with WPA3 Support Included by Default

OpenWrt is a free, open-source project for creating custom embedded operating systems for routers. Yesterday the OpenWrt community announced the first stable release of the OpenWrt 21.02 stable version series. The new release brings Linux kernel 5.4, gcc 8.4, glibc 2.33, and binutils 2.34, among many other updates and improvements. Read More »

The ‘Dead Internet’ Theory Posits Forums are Now Almost Entirely Overrun By AI

Ideas from 4chan (including its paranormal section) have percolated into the “dead internet” theory, writes the Atlantic, with a seminal post on another forum by “IlluminatiPirate” now arguing that the internet is almost entirely overrun by artificial intelligence: Like lots of other online conspiracy theories, the audience for this one is growing because of discussion led by a mix of ... Read More »