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how to Install PHP5 and Apache on Ubuntu

If you are working any kind of PHP development, you’ll almost always be using Apache along with it. Here’s the quick and easy way to get PHP up and running on your Ubuntu box. First, you’ll want to add the extra repositories to Ubuntu’s sources.list file. By running Below Command # apt-get update From a command root shell, mean as ... Read More »

Apache optimization

In the /blogs folder there is a file called [sample.htaccess]. You should try renaming it to [.htaccess]. This will optimize the way b2evolution is handled by the webserver (if you are using Apache). This file is not active by default because a few hosts would display an error right away when you try to use it. If this happens to ... Read More »

How do I password-protect my website using .htaccess

Htaccess can be used to password-protect directories on your web sites. You can do this Password Protection very easily by using below steps Step 1. Change to the directory that you wish to protect In the following example we wish to protect a directory called pvt in our htdocs directory. [root@amit ]# cd /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/ [root@amit.htdocs] # mkdir pvt Step 2. ... Read More »