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China’s Emissions Now Exceed All the Developed World’s Combined

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: China’s emissions of six heat-trapping gases, including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, rose to 14.09 billion tons of CO2 equivalent in 2019, edging out the total of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development members by about 30 million tons, according to the New York-based climate research group. The massive scale of ... Read More »

US Physics Lab Fermilab Exposes Proprietary Data For All To See

Multiple unsecured entry points allowed researchers to access data belonging to Fermilab, a national particle physics and accelerator lab supported by the Department of Energy. Ars Technica reports: This week, security researchers Robert Willis, John Jackson, and Jackson Henry of the Sakura Samurai ethical hacking group have shared details on how they were able to get their hands on sensitive ... Read More »

When Autonomous Cars Teach Themselves To Drive Better Than Humans

schwit1 shares a report from IEEE Spectrum, written by Evan Ackerman: A few weeks ago, the CTO of Cruise tweeted an example of one of their AVs demonstrating a safety behavior where it moves over to make room for a cyclist. What’s interesting about this behavior, though, is that the AV does this for cyclists approaching rapidly from behind the ... Read More »

WallStreetBets Forum Members Targeted in Telegram Cryptocurrency Scam

Members of Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum were targeted in a probable cryptocurrency scam that could have left its victims with at least $2 million in losses. Bloomberg reports: Using the Telegram messaging service, an account called “WallStreetBets – Crypto Pumps” offered users the chance to buy a new token known as WSB Finance before it was listed on crypto exchanges, in ... Read More »

How China Turned a Prize-Winning iPhone Hack Against the Uyghurs

An attack that targeted Apple devices was used to spy on China’s Muslim minority — and US officials claim it was developed at the country’s top hacking competition. An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from an MIT Technology Review article: The Tianfu Cup offered prizes that added up to over a million dollars. [It was held in November 2018, shortly ... Read More »