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The Disastrous Voyage of Satoshi, the World’s First Cryptocurrency Cruise Ship

XXongo writes: The Guardian tells the story of the Satoshi, the converted cruise ship that was supposed to be the libertarian paradise, homesteading the high seas off the coast of Panama, free from rules and regulations and (most of all) taxes, with an economy run on cryptocurrency. The ship was even named “Satoshi,” after the pseudonym of the nearly-mythical elder ... Read More »

McDonald’s Leaks Password For Monopoly VIP Database To Winners

A bug in the McDonald’s Monopoly VIP game in the United Kingdom caused the login names and passwords for the game’s database to be sent to all winners. BleepingComputer reports: After skipping a year due to COVID-19, McDonald’s UK launched their popular Monopoly VIP game on August 25th, where customers can enter codes found on purchase food items for a ... Read More »

WhatsApp Moderators Can Read Your Messages

Gizmodo highlights the findings of a new ProPublic report on WhatsApp’s content moderation system. What they found was that there are at least 1,000 WhatsApp content moderators employed by Facebook’s moderator contract firm Accenture to review user-reported content that’s been flagged by its machine learning system. “They monitor for, among other things, spam, disinformation, hate speech, potential terrorist threats, child ... Read More »

Unity Patents ‘Methods and Apparatuses To Improve the Performance of a Video Game Engine Using An Entity Component System’

slack_justyb writes: Unity has filed a patent with the USPTO for “Methods and apparatuses to improve the performance of a video game engine using an Entity Component System (ECS).” ECS methods are something that some other open source game engines already use. One example is Bevy for Rust. Some are already commenting on the ramifications of this patent application and ... Read More »