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Facebook Whistleblower Speaks, Shares Documents on Deliberate Lies and Disregard of Misinformation, Contacts US Regulators

An Iowa data scientist with a computer engineering degree and a Harvard MBA has come forward as the whistleblower leaking damaging information about Facebook to the Wall Street Journal — and that’s just the beginning. They’ve now also filed at least eight complaints with America’s Securities and Exchange Commission, “which has broad oversight over financial markets and has the power ... Read More »

Why Chip-Constrained Carmakers Can’t Just Transition To Newer Chips

Car buyers are discovering that supply chain constraints “have thrusted prices upwards considerably for new and used vehicles alike,” notes Jalopnik. But while last month Fortune ran an article headlined “Chipmakers to carmakers: Time to get out of the semiconductor Stone Age,” Jalopnik argues it’s not that simple. The implication here is that the auto industry is far too reliant ... Read More »

Ancient Footprints Could Be Oldest Traces of Humans in the Americas

Opyros writes: Fossil footprints in New Mexico have been dated to 21,000-23,000 years before present. As a result, human habitation of the Americas can be pushed back several thousand years. The footprints were found in sedimentary rock at White Sands National Park, near the location of a long-vanished lake. Since the rock contains seeds of ditchgrass, it was possible to ... Read More »

Java’s Enhancement Proposals Pursue Virtual Threads, Data Aggregate Types, and Better Communication with C Libraries

Oracle’s Java magazine takes a look at some current JDK Enhancement Proposals, “the vehicle of long standing for updating the Java language and the JVM.” Today, concurrency in Java is delivered via nonlightweight threads, which are, for all intents, wrappers around operating-system threads… Project Loom aims to deliver a lighter version of threads, called virtual threads. In the planned implementation, ... Read More »

Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers: the Most Polluting Machinery Still in Legal Use

“Pound for pound, gallon for gallon, hour-for-hour, the two-stroke gas powered engines in leaf blowers and similar equipment are vastly the dirtiest and most polluting kind of machinery still in legal use,” James Fallows writes. “According to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the two-stroke leaf blowers and similar equipment in the state produce more ozone pollution than all of ... Read More »