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How Microsoft, Google, Apple, and IBM Will Help the US Improve Its Cybersecurity

Infosecurity magazine reports: Some of the world’s biggest tech companies have committed tens of billions of dollars to improving supply chain security, closing industry skills gaps and driving security awareness among the public, according to the White House. As reported by Infosecurity yesterday, the Biden administration welcomed the CEOs of Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM and others to a meeting yesterday ... Read More »

Bitcoin-Mining Power Plant Secretly Launched in Alberta, Tapping Dormant Gas Well

“When residents of an affluent estate community in Alberta started hearing noise from a nearby power plant, they didn’t expect their complaints of sleepless nights would lead to a months-long investigation that would find a bitcoin mining operation had set up shop without approval,” reports the CBC: Now, Link Global, the company behind the site, is being ordered by the ... Read More »

Calls Grow to Discipline Doctors Spreading Virus Misinformation Online

The New York Times tells the story of an Indiana physician spreading misinformation about the pandemic. Public health officials say statements like his have contributed to America’s vaccine hesitancy and resistance to mask-wearing, exacerbating the pandemic. His videos “have amassed nearly 100 million likes and shares on Facebook, 6.2 million views on Twitter, at least 2.8 million views on YouTube ... Read More »

Japan Successfully Tests Possible Deep-Space Rocket Technology

Futurism reports: Japan’s space agency JAXA has announced that is has successfully demonstrated the operation of a “rotary detonation engine” in space, a world’s first. Such an engine uses a series of controlled explosions that travel around a circular channel at its base. The result is a massive amount of thrust coming from a much smaller engine using significantly less ... Read More »

T-Mobile CEO Apologizes For Data Breach Affecting Over 53 Million Users

“T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert published an open apology to customers Friday after hackers stole more than 50 million users’ personal data, including their Social Security numbers and driver’s license information,” reports NBC News: “The last two weeks have been humbling for all of us at T-Mobile,” he wrote. “To say we are disappointed and frustrated that this happened is an ... Read More »