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School that expelled student hacker may have ignored 16-month-old security flaw

LinuxSecurity.com: It’s tough not to feel pangs of sympathy for Hamed Al-Khabaz, the 20-year-old aspiring computer scientist who was expelled from Dawson College after exposing a security flaw in the school’s academic portal. Whether Al-Khabaz deserved his punishment is certainly worth questioning, though it’s also worthwhile to ask why the college hadn’t bothered to fix a flaw in its public-facing ... Read More »

Firefox OS Phone revealed for developers

Follow @LinuxUserMag Firefox OS seems like it should be here shortly, with Mozilla increasing press around it, as well as holding a hack day specifically to learn the phone. To add to this, the first piece of Firefox OS hardware has been revealed – although this is specifically for developers. The new Firefox Phone The phone’s specs are extremely low, ... Read More »

FlightTrack Soars, FlightBoard Bores

Keeping track of airport information can be a challenge even for a nonstop, there-and-back trip. Multiple legs increase the number of things that can go wrong geometrically, but I recently took the risk, in a week-long loop from Los Angeles to Los Cabos, Mexico, then to New York City (Newark, to be precise) and back to LA. In other words, ... Read More »

IMAGiNE BitTorrent Group Sysop Speaks Out as He Heads to Prison

LinuxSecurity.com: A convicted member of the now-defunct online movie piracy group IMAGiNE has left a public statement before starting his 40-month prison term. Last Friday 53-year-old sysop Gregory Cherwonik of New York was transferred to a detention facility to serve his sentence. In his first public words on the case he criticizes the MPAA and the U.S. Department of Justice, ... Read More »

Ubuntu Phone OS Demoed with Video Player

Now that Ubuntu Phone OS has been presented at CES 2013, the annual IT event hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association, many powerful IT magazines are publishing more and more web content about it. In the above video, you can see a short hands-on demonstration of Ubuntu Phone OS by CHIP TV, which presents a video playing in horizontal mode. ... Read More »