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Mundus Home Folder Cleaner

Mundus is a small utility that can help you keep your /home folder clean. It keeps an internal database of known applications and folders, and automagically detects those apps that where uninstalled but left configuration files. Each supported application is also called a module, and each folder it describes is called a submodule. (…)Read the rest of Mundus Home Folder ... Read More »

Pi Store – The Place for Raspberry Pi Code

Follow @LinuxUserMag Due to the large variety of software that has been created or ported to the Pi, the Raspberry Pi foundation has seen it fit to create a webstore and application called the Pi Store to make sharing and obtaining Pi specific content easier for everybody. The Pi Store is now live, launching with 23 free applications, with utilities, ... Read More »

Raspberry Pi Launches App Store to Sweeten Its Ecosystem

The Raspberry Pi project launched an app store Monday to support its eponymous $35 Linux PC, which hit the market in February. The store will carry both free and paid apps. Its launch has stirred mixed reactions among Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, with some criticizing plans to offer paid apps and others defending the move. “The Pi App Store is a ... Read More »

Stallman and Ubuntu: Sticks and Stones and a Blogosphere Brawl

It was only a few weeks ago that the Linux blogosphere’s Punchy Penguin Saloon suffered its latest round of damage thanks to the recent skirmish over the GPL, but now the popular establishment of questionable repute is actually shut down for a week for repairs. The cause this time? Yet another blogosphere brawl, needless to say, focusing this time on ... Read More »