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Ubuntu’s Community Manager Apologizes to Richard Stallman

Jono Bacon, Ubuntu’s Community Manager, had to apologize to Richard Stallman, founder and president of the Free Software Foundation, after a rather harsh blog post. Richard Stallman is not a friend of Canonical. He criticized the company and their operating system, Ubuntu, in the past. Recently he had some pretty po… (read more) Read More »

Top 5 Linux Predictions for 2013

As we consider a number of key trends in enterprise software and systems, it’s clear how critical cloud computing is to the industry. The strong connection between Linux and cloud computing will continue to fuel Linux throughout 2013 with public clouds, private clouds, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS all contributing to broader and greater use of Linux. Linux makes sense for ... Read More »

New Linux Foundation Members involved with Telecoms

Follow @LinuxUserMag More companies have joined the Linux Foundation today, and there’s a bit of a theme running among the five new companies. Newcomers Amarula Solutions, Freescale, and the SIM Technology Group are all involved in telecommunications, whether it be through embedded systems or radio and wireless technology. The other two joining them, the Superb Internet Corporation and Symphony Teleca ... Read More »

Is Something Rotten in the State of Freiburg?

You win some, you lose some,” as the old saying goes, but rarely do the two occur nearly simultaneously. Sure enough, however, that’s just what happened to open source software in Germany recently: It was being celebrated in Munich even as it was dumped in Freiburg. “Linux brings over ?10 million savings for Munich” was one side of the story. ... Read More »