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Linux and the GPL: A Storm Erupts

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone in the land of stars and stripes, it’s a pretty safe bet that blood pressures are rising and tensions are high here in the Linux blogosphere. The holiday season is hard upon us, after all, and Linux Girl, for one, has resorted to her preferred coping strategy of warming the barstools down at ... Read More »

TypeCatcher – Download Google webfonts

TypeCatcher allows you to search, browse, and download Google webfonts for off-line use. You can preview fonts with adjustable size and text. (…)Read the rest of TypeCatcher – Download Google webfonts (24 words) © ruchi for Ubuntu Geek, 2012. | Permalink | No comment | Add to del.icio.us Post tags: desktop, Download Google webfonts offline ubuntu, install Download Google webfonts ... Read More »

The Kernel Column with Jon Masters – Linux Kernel 3.7

Follow @LinuxUserMag Linus Torvalds announced the release of the 3.6 kernel, saying that while the release did not contain earth-shattering new architectures or file systems, it did overall represent “solid progress”. We summarised some of the new features that landed in Linux 3.6 last issue. With the release of 3.6 came the traditional opening of the merge window for 3.7. ... Read More »

Speed up your PHP applications with memcached

Follow @LinuxUserMag The ever increasing complexity of web applications has meant the need for larger and more complicated database schemas. While there are efforts to improve high input/output apps by using non-relational databases such as MongoDB and then pairing them with a non- blocking language such as Node.js, these are still in their infancy, and in many cases tried and ... Read More »