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KDE 4.10 Released

Follow @LinuxUserMag Beating GNOME 3.8 to the punch, KDE 4.10 has finally been released. The latest version of the venerable desktop environment has been in development for a little while now, and comes with a number of improvements over the already pretty great desktop environment. As well as the usual visual and technical refinements, KTouch has been overhauled, the Plasma ... Read More »

This Wink Doesn’t Come With a Smile

Wink, a software package for creating tutorial and presentation screen shots, works reasonably well when it works at all. However, getting it to run may not be worth the bother, given the better alternatives available. Wink’s premise is a good one for anyone who needs to create a show-and-explain presentation on how to do things with a computer. Wink lets ... Read More »

Here’s How Hackers Could Have Blacked Out the Superdome Last Night

LinuxSecurity.com: Beyonce and voodoo have been ruled out as potential culprits in the bizarre 33-minute blackout during last night’s Super Bowl. But what about hackers? It took just a few minutes after the lights went out in the Superdome for hackers to begin hinting they had something to do with it. “#TangoDown Superbowl XLVII,” tweeted the most popular Twitter account ... Read More »