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Whither OpenSolaris? Illumos Takes Up the Mantle

For the installed user base of the former Sun Microsystems’ OpenSolaris OS, questions about its continued support and development remain largely unanswered. When Oracle bought Sun Microsystems, it raised fees for its technical help and halted further development on OpenSolaris, replacing it with its own Oracle Solaris 11. Enter the Illumos Foundation, which created a fork of the OS and ... Read More »

ZevenOS-Neptune 5.0 Beta Ditches Deskbar

ZevenOS-Neptune, a Linux operating system with software optimized for slower computers and with elements of BeOS, has just reached version 5.0 Beta 1. ZevenOS-Neptune 5.0 Beta has once again entered the development cycle and now it features the deskbar mode in the xfce4-panel. According to the developer, the new implementation of the deskbar mode still presents some problems, such as ... Read More »

QEMU 1.3.0 RC0 Supports Linux VFIO Driver

QEMU, a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer that can run OSes and programs made for one machine, on a different machine, is now at version 1.3.0 RC0. QEMU 1.3.0 RC0 supports virtualization when executing under the Xen hypervisor or using the KVM kernel module in Linux. Highlights of QEMU 1.3.0 RC0: • The sendkey monitor command is ... Read More »

Crusader Kings II Strategy Will Be Launched on Linux

Crusader Kings II, a real-time strategy developed and published by Paradox Interactive, will be arriving on Steam for Linux. Crusader Kings II takes place at the end of the Dark Ages, in a time when Europe was still in a constant turmoil. Lords and Kings battle for control of the continent and the Pope calls for a Crusade to protect ... Read More »

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Secure-Ready for Government Cloud

LinuxSecurity.com: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, including the KVM hypervisor, has been awarded a major security certification used by IT in government, financial and other mission-critical verticals. By receiving the Common Criteria Certification at Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 4+, which is the highest level of assurance for an unmodified commercial operating system, Red Hat can assure public sector customers looking ... Read More »