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‘Facebook Is What’s Wrong With America’

The Salesforce CEO and owner of Time Magazine, Marc Benioff, sees a common thread for what ails America today: deception that is allowed to spread like wildfire on Facebook. “This digital revolution really kind of has the world in its grip. And in that grip, you can see the amount of mistrust and misinformation that is happening,” Benioff told CNN. ... Read More »

New York Passes Sweeping Bills To Improve Conditions for Delivery Workers

The New York City Council overwhelmingly approved a groundbreaking package of legislation on Thursday that will set minimum pay and improve working conditions for couriers employed by app-based food delivery services like Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats. From a report: The bills, which have the support of Mayor Bill de Blasio, are the latest and most broad example of the ... Read More »

2021 Has Broken the Record For Zero-Day Hacking Attacks

According to multiple databases, researchers, and cybersecurity companies who spoke to MIT Technology Review, 2021 has had the highest number of zero-day exploits on record. “At least 66 zero-days have been found in use this year, according to databases such as the 0-day tracking project — almost double the total for 2020, and more than in any other year on ... Read More »

Hackers Leak LinkedIn 700 Million Data Scrape

A collection containing data about more than 700 million users, believed to have been scraped from LinkedIn, was leaked online this week after hackers previously tried to sell it earlier this year in June. From a report: The collection, obtained by The Record from a source, is currently being shared in private Telegram channels in the form of a torrent ... Read More »

The Imaginary Rocket Driving a Small-Town Spaceport

Is the FAA licensing spaceports that are doomed to fail? From a report: The latest launch attempt out of Kodiak, Alaska’s spaceport shows in vivid detail just how quickly things can go sideways. In the video, rocket maker Astra’s 3.3 skids horizontally for hundreds of yards, then shoots some 20 miles upwards, listing off course. Ground crew terminates the flight, ... Read More »