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Survey Confirms Popularity of JavaScript, Python, C/C++, While C# Overtakes PHP

Analyst firm SlashData surveyed over 19,000 respondents from 155 countries for its “State of the Developer Nation” survey — and now estimates that there’s 24.3 million active developers worldwide. TechRadar reports: The report pegs JavaScript as the most popular language that, together with variants including TypeScript and CoffeeScript, is used by almost 14 million developers around the world. Based on ... Read More »

The FSF Says ThinkPenguin’s Wireless-N Mini Router ‘Respects Your Freedom’

Friday the Free Software Foundation awarded their coveted “Respects Your Freedom” (RYF) certification to another new product: the Free Software Wireless-N Mini Router v3 (TPE-R1300) from ThinkPenguin, Inc. Just 45 products currently hold the FSF’s certification “that these products meet the FSF’s standards in regard to users’ freedom, control over the product, and privacy.” (That is to say, they run ... Read More »

Linus Torvalds Reflects In New Interview on Linux’s Earliest Days

Linus Torvalds gave a long new email interview to Jeremy Andrews, founding partner/CEO of Tag1 (a global technology consulting firm and the second all-time leading contributor to Drupal). Torvalds discusses everything from the creation of Git, licenses, Apple’s ARM64 chips, and Rust drivers, to his own Fedora-based home work environment — and how proud he is of the pathname lookup ... Read More »

How Should We Honor the Legacy of Dan Kaminsky?

Last week came the news that Dan Kaminsky, security researcher (and popular speaker at security conferences), had passed away at the age of 42. In a half hour the DEF CON security convention will hold a special online memorial for Dan Kaminsky on Discord. But interestingly, Kaminsky was also one of ICANN’s “Trusted Community Representatives,” part of a small community ... Read More »