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New Internal Documents Contradict Facebook’s Claims that AI Can Enforce Its Rules

Today in the Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s head of integrity, Guy Rosen, admitted that from April to June of this year, one in every 2,000 content views on Facebook still contained hate speech. (Alternate URL here, with shorter versions here and here.) Head of integrity Rosen was calling that figure an improvement over mid-2020, when one in every 1,000 content ... Read More »

International ‘US Cyber Games’ Competition Seeks Next Generation of Cybersecurity Experts

“As the United States seeks to shore up its defenses against cyberattacks, the country is seeking to harness the skills of some of the country’s most promising young minds,” reports the Washington Post, “using a model that mirrors competitive video gaming, also known as esports.” Though it’s a partnership between the federal government, academia and the private sector, it’s being ... Read More »

New Study Finds Ridesharing Actually Increases Pollution, Congestion

Greg Bensinger of the New York Times editorial board argues ridesharing companies haven’t delivered on their promises of well-paying driver jobs with less traffic congestion (let alone their predictions of an end to car ownership — or even of a sustainable, profitable, business model). And he adds that now a new study “is punching a hole in another of Uber ... Read More »