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Where Did Ivermectin Come From and Why Are Americans Taking It To Try and Treat COVID-19?

Ivermectin is making the rounds again online after Joe Rogan casually mentioned he took the drug after testing positive for COVID-19. Some researchers claim it helps treat symptoms of the virus; others, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have yet to make that determination. “While there are approved uses for ivermectin in people and animals, it is not ... Read More »

Fired NY Credit Union Employee Nukes 21GB of Data In Revenge

Juliana Barile, the former employee of a New York credit union, pleaded guilty to accessing the financial institution’s computer systems without authorization and destroying over 21 gigabytes of data in revenge after being fired. BleepingComputer reports: According to court documents, the defendant worked remotely as a part-time employee for the credit union until May 19, 2021, when she was fired. ... Read More »

Twitter For iOS Beta Lays Groundwork For Bitcoin Tips

Twitter’s latest beta update introduces support for providing content creators with Bitcoin tips using the “Tip Jar” feature that Twitter introduced earlier this year. MacRumors reports: Bitcoin isn’t yet available to select as a tip option for beta users, but code in the beta suggests that Twitter is in the process of rolling it out. When the Tip Jar was ... Read More »

Twitch Streamers Are Taking September 1st Off In Protest of Bot Attacks

New submitter Chaldean42 shares a report from The Verge: On Wednesday, September 1st, a number of channels on Twitch will go dark as streamers participate in #ADayOffTwitch, a walkout designed to bring attention to the ongoing hate and harassment that’s plagued the platform for the last several weeks. […] A Day Off Twitch was born out of the #TwitchDoBetter movement, ... Read More »

Judge Rules UC-Berkeley Must Freeze Its Enrollment To Assess Ecological Impact of Its Undergrads

schwit1 shares a report from Slate: Enrolling more students at one of America’s best public universities might be bad for the environment. That’s the conclusion of California Superior Court Judge Brad Seligman, who on Aug. 23 ordered the University of California-Berkeley to temporarily freeze the number of students it admits every year under the California Environmental Quality Act, putting crowded ... Read More »