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Study of 61,000 Microsoft Employees Finds Remote Work Threatened Productivity and Innovation

“A new study finds that Microsoft’s companywide shift to remote work has hurt communication and collaboration among different business groups inside the company, threatening employee productivity and long-term innovation,” reports GeekWire: That’s one of the key findings in a peer-reviewed study of more than 61,000 Microsoft employees, published Thursday morning by Microsoft researchers in the journal Nature Human Behaviour…. The ... Read More »

Fans Ask Questions After First Trailer Released for ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

Moviegoers know that the Matrix trilogy’s finale “heavily hinted that our hero will be back at some point in the distant future,” writes the Guardian.. “Now he is…” But does the first three-minute trailer for the soon-to-be-released sequel The Matrix Resurrections suggest Keanu Reeves’ “Neo” character has been wiped from existence? In his place is a beardy, incredibly well-aged fiftysomething ... Read More »

Some 9/11 News Coverage is Lost. Blame Adobe Flash

CNN reports that “Some of the most iconic 9/11 news coverage is lost. Blame Adobe Flash.” Journalism is often considered the first draft of history, but what happens when that draft is written on a software program that becomes obsolete? Adobe ending support for Flash — its once ubiquitous multimedia content player — last year meant that some of the ... Read More »

Pro-China Misinformation Operation Attempting To Exploit US Covid Divisions, Report Says

“A pro-Chinese government online influence operation is targeting Americans in an effort to exploit divisions over the Covid-19 pandemic,” reports CNN, “and ‘physically mobilize protestors in the US in response,’ according to a new report from cybersecurity firm Mandiant and experts at Google.” The operation, which initially attempted to discredit pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong in 2019, has expanded into ... Read More »

New Battery Technologies Are Making Progress

The New York Times looks at “a wave of new battery technologies that could lead to novel designs in consumer electronics and help accelerate the electrification of cars and airplanes. They may even help store electricity on the power grid, lending a hand to efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels…” And a longer-life battery from Sila finally made it ... Read More »