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First Evidence of Elusive ‘Triangle Singularity’ Shows Particles Swapping Identities

LiveScience reports that physicists sifting through old particle accelerator data “have found evidence of a highly-elusive, never-before-seen process: a so-called triangle singularity.” Long-time Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot shares their report: First envisioned by Russian physicist Lev Landau in the 1950s, a triangle singularity refers to a rare subatomic process where particles exchange identities before flying away from each other. In this ... Read More »

Senator Wyden Reflects on 9/11’s Legacy: Mass Surveillance

“After 9/11, I took the threat of terrorism seriously, still do,” U.S. Senator Ron Wyden tells Fast Company. “But also I was concerned about how the new surveillance authorities might be abused…” From Fast Company’s report: After the 9/11 attacks, one big concern was connecting the dots. Failing to do so was why we missed the warning signs of the ... Read More »

20 Years After the World Trade Center Attack, a Nation Remembers

I first saw the news on the front page of Yahoo.com. But every American remembers where they were when they heard the news. “The World Trade Towers in new york were crashed into by 2 planes, one on each tower, 18 minutes apart,” CmdrTaco posted on Slashdot. “Nobody really knows who did it, but the planes were big ones. “Normally ... Read More »

Security Weaknesses in Mozilla VPN Found and Addressed by Audit

“Recently, browsing leader Mozilla shared the result of an independent security audit on its VPN service,” reports Fossbytes. “Upon inspection, a few vulnerabilities were discovered in the VPN, one of which was reportedly a major risk.” In a blog post, Mozilla shared that Cure53, a Berlin-based cybersecurity firm, had identified and fixed the security vulnerabilities in its VPN… The most ... Read More »

Can a Code-Writing AI Be Good News For Humans?

“A.I. Can Now Write Its Own Computer Code,” blares a headline in the New York Times, adding “That’s Good News for Humans. (Alternate URL here.) The article begins with this remarkable story about Codex (the OpenAI software underlying GitHub Copilot): As soon as Tom Smith got his hands on Codex — a new artificial intelligence technology that writes its own ... Read More »