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8 reasons why I learned Core Java

Computer programming, also known as coding for short, is not about which language you use. It[he]#039[/he]s about developing programming logic and learning to think like a programmer. The language you start with should be the one that helps you the most in this endeavor. So you have to ask yourself the question: "What do you want to do as a programmer?" Read More »

The 4 Invaluable Benefits of Switching to Linux

Linux is an operating system used in everything from phones to cars and complex supercomputers, yet you can also use it to power your personal computer. The desktop may not be the space where you’re most likely to encounter Linux, but it’s more than worth your consideration. Read More »

Epic Games Store, Discord, and Zoom all join Windows 11’s more flexible app store

Now we’re seeing some of the fruits of that change—Microsoft has announced that major third-party apps like Zoom, Discord, Adobe Reader, the VLC media player, and even the LibreOffice suite are all now available in the Microsoft Store for people using the Windows 11 Insider Preview builds. Web apps like Wikipedia, Reddit, and Tumblr are also available. These PWAs look and work ... Read More »

FyneDesk: an open source desktop environment in Go

The FyneDesk project is taking a fresh look at what it means to be a desktop environment. Using the same beautiful and user friendly graphics of the Fyne toolkit you will find it a great place to call home on your computer. We also want to make it easy to update, add to or change your desktop just like you ... Read More »