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Jaguar Land Rover Seeks Automotive Leadership With Linux

The automotive industry is undergoing a major technological shift and Jaguar Land Rover is at the forefront. The UK-based JLR has embraced Linux as the operating system underlying its next generation In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. Here, we talk briefly with Matt Jones, a Senior Technical Specialist for infotainment systems at Jaguar Land Rover about his upcoming talk at Collaboration Summit. Read More »

Intro to Real-Time Linux for Embedded Developers

When embedded projects call for for a real-time operating system,Linux developers often turn to PREEMPT-RT, the real-time kernel patch, to get it done. But in most cases real-time requirements on embedded projects can be met without turning to a RTOS, says kernel developer Steven Rostedt. Here, Rostedt answers our questions about the RT patch for embedded developers. Read More »

Correction regarding CyanogenMod and the Galaxy S4

Time for a correction – unlike what we linked to earlier, there’s no official CyanogenMod position on whether or not they’re going to support the Galaxy S4. “This morning, a comment from a CM collaborator on XDA was taken to be as an ‘absolute’ in regards to support of the S4. He offered the opinion of four TeamHacksung maintainers, their ... Read More »

Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop Support Ends in April

Oh no! Automatic updates for Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop stop in April (updates for 10.04 Server continue for two more years). Desktop users need to consider whether they’ll upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which will receive updates for both Desktop and Server through 2017. This handy chart diagrams the situation. You can directly upgrade 10.04 (and 11.10) to 12.04, as explained ... Read More »