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Cox Readies a Re-entry Into Mobile

Mike Dano, reporting for Light Reading: Cox Communications — one of the nation’s largest cable providers — is preparing to launch a mobile service, according to several sources familiar with the company’s plans. However, the details of Cox’s mobile strategy, including when it might launch and which wireless network provider it might partner with, are still unclear. AT&T executives have publicly indicated that the carrier is looking to sign MVNO partnerships with cable operators, and the sources said the two pursued MVNO talks earlier this year, but it’s not clear whether the companies consummated the deal. It’s noteworthy that Cox is preparing to re-enter the mobile industry by offering cellphones and wireless services to its broadband cable customers. The action would put Cox alongside fellow cable companies Altice USA, Comcast and Charter Communications, which have all also launched mobile services to their broadband customers. Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile and Charter’s Spectrum Mobile piggyback on Verizon’s wireless network. Altice Mobile runs on T-Mobile’s network. A Cox representative confirmed the company is interested in entering the mobile industry. “We believe the market is becoming more attractive for us to enter the wireless space and we are exploring it more aggressively now, but have not announced any specific plans,” company spokesperson Todd Smith wrote in response to questions from Light Reading. “We have not entered into any MVNO agreements yet.”

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