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Elon Musk Teased on Twitter with Ideas for SNL Comedy Sketches

“Always the innovator, Elon Musk is crowdsourcing ideas for his upcoming Saturday Night Live appearance,” writes USA Today.

SFGate reports:
Both Musk fans and critics weighed in, with the tweet drawing over 4,500 quote tweets at time of publication (and 113,000-plus likes from his devotees). One of the top responses skewered his recent move to Texas.

“How about a skit where a selfish billionaire has a tantrum and makes a showy to-do about moving his factory to another state, but that new state is so dysfunctional it has a third-world power grid and runs out of electricity to run his factories and cars? That would be hilarious….”

As a result of his controversial image, “SNL” announced that cast members will not be required to act alongside him if it makes them uncomfortable. No cast member has publicly decline to perform yet, but cast member Chris Redd did jump into the Twitter fray to correct Musk on his use of the word “skit.”

Page Six describes more of the suggestions from Twitter:
Some commenters suggested ideas, including, “Extraterrestrials found your Tesla Roadster sent to space in 2018 & are trying to figure out what it is,” “You play Chris Hansen on “To Catch a PP loan” with Ross Gerber,” and, “Something about how it is all a simulation,” while many of the responses to Musk’s tweets were real zingers.

“You meeting with SNL writers using the same motivational techniques you use with $TSLA engineers. Elon: I need this done tomorrow or you’re fired. SNL Writer: In your dreams a-hole,” one user responded.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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