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Fake Campaign Mail Masquerades as Bernie Sanders Endorsement for Uber/Lyft Ballot Measure

California’s elections include grass roots propositions that change the law directly while bypassing legislators. Uber, Lyft, and Uber-owned Postmates (as well as DoorDash and Instacart) have spent $185 million — the most ever spent — pushing a proposition that would keep ride-hail and delivery drivers as independent contractors, reports SFGate. “If it passes…gig corporations won’t have to contribute to Social Security, Medicare or unemployment insurance. They won’t have to offer paid sick leave, workers compensation or unemployment benefits to drivers.”

But the site also investigated what happened shortly after the Uber/Lyft PAC reported an $128,000 expenditure on mailers:
Political mailers masquerading as progressive voter guides and endorsing Proposition 22, the initiative backed by Uber and Lyft, are showing up in Southern California voters’ mailboxes. The fine print on one mailer says it was prepared by the “Feel the Bern, Progressive Voter Guide,” which is not an actual organization. Neither are the “Council of Concerned Women Voters Guide” nor the “Our Voice, Latino Voter Guide,” whose mailers make the same endorsements as Feel the Bern.

Mailed political fliers typically identify the organization that paid for the literature. But that information was conspicuously absent from Feel the Bern and the other two mailers…

The measure would allow ride-hail and delivery drivers to continue to be treated as independent contractors, although with some new benefit concessions. If it fails, these employees would likely be considered workers entitled to a minimum wage, overtime pay, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance and paid sick leave.

The California Democratic Party has endorsed a “no” vote for Prop. 22.

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