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Friday Funnies : Google Glass Top 3 Concerns

While there are a few people understandably concerned about privacy with Google Glass, the reality is that there are alread far less obvious spy cams out there, heck I used to get them in showbags at the carnivals I went to as a kid – back when cameras ran on actual, real, physical film!

But there are key fobs, pinhole cameras, sunglasses, false buttons and tie pins and any number of better methods to take secret pictures. What I personally am more worried about is the vertible onslaught of pictures and video this is going to lead to. There is already over an hour of video uploaded to Youtube every second.

That means that even without Google Glass there is 360times more video being uploaded than anyone could possibly watch.

Now let’s think about how that will grow with Google Glass….

But hey, it’s not like that is going to stop me getting in line to buy one….

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