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Friday Funnies : How to stop the NSA listening in

There has been a lot of confusion, outrage, misinformation and other general madness (some justifiable, some not so..) surrounding the revelations that agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, are like you know “spying” and stuff instead of only piloting drones around shooting at terrorists, and that the National Security Agency, is actually attempting to ensure the security of the nation by collecting as much info about everyone’s communications as they possibly can.

Honestly, I personally am of mixed feelings about the whole thing. Government overreach is a scary thing, but people actively, desperately out to get you even at the expense of their own lives is a little closer to terrifying. It is this visceral fear that the second generates that has allowed the government agencies to push the envelope on the first as far as they can.

But deciding whether they are right or wrong to do so is an argument for better minds than I. Instead we bring you a sample of options that you can use to protect yourself if you are worried that “they” are listening in on your phone calls or reading your emails.

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