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Friday Funnies : Keep The Cash

Apparently Microsoft has decided to expand it’s pay for apps program to cover just about anything. Up until now they were a bit more selective about providing support only to more popular apps.

I can’t help but wonder about the quality of the apps this will produce.$100 per app isn’t enough to motivate someone to make a major time and effort investment into writing a serious app when they otherwise wouldn’t have, so I can’t see it doing much more than rewarding people who were already going to write their app anyway (not necessarily a bad thing, but doesn’t achieve the intended goal) or motivate people to spam out quick and useless apps where their effort < $100 worth so that they profit.

Does anyone remember that “I am rich” app that was briefly on the Apple store? Well there is at least one of them on the Windows 8 store apparently, and I suspect we will see a whole lot more similarly useless apps…

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